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Laura Jansen


In the coming year Laura Jansen will be traveling across the world with the Armin Only Intense Tour, and Oxfam Novib will be introducing her to the world outside the tour. Laura is hoping to thus gain an insight in people’s day-to-day problems with poverty and injustice; people who are usually a world apart for most of us.

In the week prior to Armin van Buuren’s show in Mumbai (January 24) Laura will be staying in this metropolis. She’ll be visiting local organizations committed to helping the poorest people in Mumbai’s slums, and an organization working in India’s rural areas on food production, health care, education and governance building.

Oxfam Novib is thrilled about Laura’s trip: ‘Laura has no preconceptions and is very interested. That will appeal to many people. In the coming year we’ll be meeting people who make the difference, who take a stand in the fight against poverty and injustice. This trip fits in our new approach to let people themselves see the results of our work and give their own opinion. Laura has the knack of reaching out to many people. We’re anxious to hear about her observations.’


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